ONE - 10 Years


A decade of progress in the fight against extreme poverty...


The ONE organisation recently approached artist, author & illustrator OLIVER JEFFERS to create an animated map celebrating 10 years of ONE - the international campaigning & advocacy organisation - and to communicate how extreme poverty has already been cut in half, and can be potentially virtually eliminated by 2030.

The project was an opportunity for Oliver Jeffers to work with NY artist & filmmaker MAC PREMO and AKA'S PHILIP HUNT to create a short film which combines Oliver's distinctive characters, Mac's idiosyncratic props photography and STUDIO AKA's deftly placed animation & compositing. This disarmingly simple short helps make a physical connection between the click of a computer mouse & the consequences of direct action and features narration by Bono, who ends the video with a call for more members to join the effort and take action to end extreme poverty & preventable disease.

Commissioned by ONE.ORG
Co-directed by Philip Hunt, Oliver Jeffers & Mac Premo
Live action elements shot in NY by Jeffers & Premo
Animation: Steve Small & Eamonn O'Neill
Editors: Mac Premo & Nic Gill
Music by Jeffers & Premo
Produced by STUDIO AKA

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