Herman Miller's FORMWORK modular desk accessories - designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facillity - may be stacked and combined in any way the user sees fit to help bring order to their papers, tools, and artefacts.

Graphic Thought Facility's Huw Morgan & Mike Montgomery designed all the branding & packaging work for the product and commissioned a short introductory film from Studio AKA Director Philip Hunt to underline the product's central idea that the forms are 'pluralistic and stackable'. This 1 min film presents the product in an integrated & uncluttered way, eschewing embellishments to focus on how the product populates any given space, bringing order and elegance to the random clutter of a desktop.

The entire spot was created as a single shot in 3D XSI by AKA TD Cristobal Infante with subtle props animation by Vincent Husset - all brought together with an unassuming music track by David Kamp which binds marimbas & percussive elements to give a gentle and optimistic lift to the imagery.

Client: Herman Miller
Commissioned by: Graphic Thought Facility
Art Direction: Graphic Thought Facility
Original Product photography: Milo Reid
Product Design: Industrial Facility
Director: Philip Hunt
Music Composed by: David Kamp
Produced by: Studio AKA

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