Licking the hand that feeds them...


Medicine time for Pets has never been easier thanks to GREENIES PILL POCKETS, a cleverly designed pet treat that helps you surreptitiously administer medicine to your pets while they enjoy a tasty snack. A healthier alternative to using human foods, with fewer calories and less fat & sodium, they are a smarter way to make the medicine go down & keep those tails wagging...

AKA director Steve Small designed a series of sharply observed characters and their pets, in response to the brief by agency ROCKFISH to create simple uncomplicated world in which the designs of both pets and their owners shared a common charm - whilst remaining grounded in moments relatable to pet-lovers worldwide.

Keeping the aesthetic uncluttered and the action paired back to just the shared moments between pet & owner underlines the product and its use throughout, and the result has a distinctive and instantly appealing look. The 2D Animation for the project was undertaken in Flash & TV Paint and composited in After Effects by AKA's team of animators and assistants, and the results are cute and amusing, whilst demonstrating the spot on simplicity of the product at hand.

Client: Greenies
Agency: Rockfish
Directed by: Steve Small
Produced by: Studio AKA
Executive Producer: Blacklist
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