Feeling Nuts



We're literally talking bollocks to persuade YOU to join the Check One Two movement and start #feelingnuts.

Have you been #feelingnuts? Well you should do because if testicular cancer is caught early, it is 100% curable, and that's where the Check One Two campaign '#feelingnuts' aims to make a real difference - by spreading awareness & educating men - breaking down the embarrassment & lack of knowledge which still surrounds this disease.

As part of the awareness campaign, Studio AKA were asked to create a 2 minute film to both introduce the #feelingnuts campaign and Check One Two's 90 min TV comedy show "FEELING NUTS" for Channel 4, hosted by Jack Whitehall and produced by Fulwell 73 & Attention Seekers.

The lo-fi spot itself mixes 2D flash animation with 3D CGI 3D and live sets, and in particular the creation of two attention grabbing testicle characters -unofficially known as 'the Spud Bros' - and voiced by none other than Ant & Dec - who lay out the campaign and the event in quite a...memorable fashion.

Campaign founders: Simon & Andrew Salter
Initial script development: Attention Seekers

Characters, animation, sound design & ideas created for Check One Two by the following STUDIO AKA team: Philip Hunt, Kristian Andrews, Steve Small, David Prosser, Eamonn O'Neill, Marie Verhoeven, Christian Mills, Boris Kossmehl, Sander Jones, Anna Kubik, Adam Avery, Cristobal Infante, Daniel Garnerone, Vincent Husset, Will Eager, Rob Chapman & James Gaillard, Janine Murphy & Nikki Kefford-White.

AKA's Editor & Sound Designer: Nic Gill
Music theme by Darren Stone
PLAY #feelingnuts