...In the scattered remains of a burnt out cosmos, the last God, AH POOK debates with his Alter Ego the trembling balance between life and death...

An animated stream of consciousness delivered in Burroughs's mesmeric voice, offers up a requiem for the carcasses of Armageddon via the nihilistic ramblings of 'the last god', searching for meaning in his universe.

A bitter manifesto of enlightenment and liberation, AH POOK IS HERE was made with William Burroughs support and is an interpretation of 3 unrelated recordings from the album 'Dead City Radio' produced by Hal Willner & Nelson Lyon and featuring music by John Cale.
Director Philip Hunt
Producer Eddel Beck
Lighting Camera Philipp Timme
Music Hal Wilner & John Cale.
1990 Island Records Ltd.
Produced at the Filmakademie BW
Financed by
MB Kulturfoderung Scholarship
Distributed by
The BFI & The British Council

“When I become death, death is the seed...from which I grow."

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★★★★★ Awards for AH POOK… GERMANY - ITFS Stuttgart 2009 - 'Best of the Best' USA - CHICAGO INT. FILM FESTIVAL 1994 - Gold Plaque GERMANY - DRESDEN FILM FESTIVAL 1995 - Best Animation Film CANADA - OTTOWA INT. FILM FESTIVAL 1994 - Best Experimental SPAIN - CINANIMA 1994 - Best Film CANADA - MONTREAL INT/ FILM FESTIVAL 1995 - Jury Prize UK - BRITISH ANIMATION AWARDS 1996 - Best Film Cutting Edge - Included in the Burroughs retrospective PORTS OF ENTRY. - Archived in the Goethe institute