Welcome to the charming world of Admouth, where you can always expect the unexpected but, rest assured that the steadfast Admiral (together with her trusty canine sidekick) will always be on hand to sort out any problems.

Our latest spots titled BALLOON & TAI CHI now join our launch spot SMARTPHONE for Admiral's 'Rewardingly Simple'Campaign.

For the campaign, with AKA's team of CGI artists and animators, Director Steve Small designed and directed this new spot with a nod to traditional model animation to create a world of endearing characters, inhabiting a beautifully rich & diverse British seaside town; a world both familiar and unexpected at the same time.

Dir. Steve Small comments:

"We worked with McCann to create a cosy coastal town that reminded us all of a nostalgic past, but one that also sits firmly in today's world. For the technique, Model animation (the type of animation many of us would have grown up with) was an inspiration and starting point in the look and how gentle it always seemed to be. We wanted any on-screen crisis to be relatable but deal-able with light humour and a deftness to the character performance. Meanwhile, we are having fun (indulging in some colourful schadenfreude) as we wreak havoc on the seaside town of Admouth, and I've come to regard the town as an insurance company's version of 'Midsomer' from 'Midsomer Murders', where (whilst happily free of homicide) rarely a day passes without amusing yet insurable property damage..."

Client: Admiral
Agency: McCann
Direction: Steve Small
Production Company: Studio AKA



In the 40" launch commercial - SMARTPHONE - we follow the exploits of George as he comically tries to run his household using a Smartphone. Luckily for him, our steadfast Admiral - together with her trusty canine sidekick - are on hand to sort out his problems.


In the 30" BALLOON, we are introduced to the Taylor family. Mrs Taylor is joined by the Admiral (and her canine sidekick of course) for a scenic hot air balloon ride - with an inflight picnic. Meanwhile, down below, Mrs Taylor's son polishes his shiny new car, and Mrs Taylor Senior is quietly tending to her garden. What could go wrong? Well, things quickly start to fall apart when a flock of naughty seagulls discover the picnic and chaos ensues. Thankfully Admiral and her canine sidekick are there to save the day.


In the 10" TAI CHI, things are altogether a bit more Zen when it comes to things that unexpectedly drop in on us...