The Story

Agency JOINT's  campaign for the newly independent TSB kicked off with a short film comission to us at AKA about the Reverend Henry Duncan and the history behind the building of the TSB bank....

The result of a collaboration between STUDIO AKA's BAFTA winning Director MARC CRASTE and DAMON COLLINS at JOINT, 'The Story' reflects the historic values of TSB's founder, and commences over a simple wooden table at the original Ruthwell Parish Bank branch in 1810. As the years progress we see how the bank enabled local working people to build their lives and establish a fully functional community through years of prosperity and the expansion of businesses and livelihoods.

In seeking to craft a film which celebrated the combination of traditional ideas with contemporary application, Marc chose to combine the hand crafted artistry of 2D character animation within a stunningly integrated use of 3D CGI sets, the journey through time is reflected in the film's opening shot - an unbroken take which lasts a whopping 95 seconds. The use of a constantly circling camera provides the momentum and sense of optimism that drives the piece and this simple device is mesmerising throughout the build of the story.

The film is full of wonderful nuances and details which have been complimented by a fantastically uplifting score, composed by Anne Dudley and recorded with the Chamber Orchestra of London.

Client: TSB
Agency:JOINT London
Character designer: STEVE SMALL
Production Company: STUDIO AKA
Sound Design: FACTORY


a 2.5 minute film that outlines the historic values of TSB.

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