Site Specific installation.

AKA Dir. Kristian Andrews created this languidly beautiful & abstracted film 'LEAVES' for the vast wrap around screen which tops Target's headquarters building in Minneapolis.

Target uses the screen and their unique position in the city as an occasion to share an event with the local community, so for one month overlapping mid October & November '13, Kristian's ode to autumn will be the largest LED light show in the Midwest United States...

The brief was to create a simple abstracted film showing the process of origami leaves being formed from a single piece of paper. Choosing 5 native plants to the Minneapolis district, Kristian then animated the leaves to gently change from abstract to recognisable forms - and played with the screen confines of the building to add a further dimension to the piece.

Client: TARGET
Executive Producers: BLACKLIST
Production Company: STUDIO AKA

TARGET - Leaves : Look up & watch for a moment...