"Keep on the good foot..."

Morton Salt commissioned BLACKLIST & STUDIO AKA to create this charming film about two dogs, Lucy & George, best of friends - but separated by circumstance...
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The spot was directed by AKA's Marc Craste with art direction from Olga Stern and characters designed by Steve Small. The film was produced as a blend of CGI and painted backgrounds, with hand drawn refinements to the animation created by AKA's team of animators and assistants.

The spot begins digital release in January 2016 and select Cinemas in the American Midwest.

Client: Morton Salt, Inc.
Direction: Marc Craste/Studio AKA
Art Direction: Olga Stern/Steve Small
Storyboard dev work: Camille Monnier
Original Music: Antfood
Production: Nikki Kefford
Production: Blacklist/Studio AKA