In this HUGE campaign for BUPA, characters are little more than shapes and colours in a reduced world that still somehow manages to strike a large chord...
Director GRANT ORCHARD teamed up with inimitable designer ANTHONY BURRILL to create a whole host of spots featuring many different characters, who all benefit from BUPA care...
BUPA - Feel Better Campaign
Agency WCRS
Director Grant Orchard
Designed by Anthony Burrill
Produced by STUDIO AKA
Play GEOFF 15'
Play JUNE & ERNIE 30'
Play SALLY 30'
Play BOB 30'
Play EDWIN 30'
Play COLIN 10'
Play DR MARTIN 15'
Play MARY 10'
Play MIKE 10'
Play ROSE 10'
Play SHEILA 10'
Play TANYA 10'
Play LAURA 30'
Play PAM 30'
Play RODDY 30'
Play SID 30'
Play SUE 30'