Olympic Torch Relay

The Trailer sequence for the BBC's Olympic Torch Relay 2012 coverage.
Commissioned by RKCR/Y&R & Red Bee Media, STUDIO AKA were asked to create a sequence that referenced the graphic signature of the 2012 Olympic torch design - created by BARBER OSGBERBY - as it is carried by the myriad of relay participants to the spot where the Games begin.

To that end, we were asked to work only with dots of light...
AKA director KRISTIAN ANDREWS looked to the 8,000 perforations in the torch - each representing the 8,000 people who will carry it on its journey around the UK - to create an impressionistic world rendered in shimmering golden dots of light & traversed by Olympic torchbearers.
The film reflects the mood of excitement & elation befitting the commencement of the games - all set to a rousing score composed by ELBOW.
Client: BBC
Agency: RKCR/Y&R & Red Bee Media
Produced by STUDIO AKA
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