Admiral commissioned STUDIO AKA to animate this 40” commercial - titled SMARTPHONE - for the launch its brand new campaign, devised by Agency McCann.

In this introductory film, set within a brand new world, we follow the exploits of George as he comically tries to run his household using a Smartphone. Luckily for him, our steadfast Admiral - together with her trusty canine sidekick  - are on hand to sort out his problems.

AKA Director Steve Small designed & directed this opening spot, and his team have crafted the CGI with a nod to traditional model animation visual cues, with the endearing characters inhabiting a beautifully rich & diverse British seaside town.

Backed by a team of CGI artists & animators, the resulting work is charming, bright and heart-warming and creates a world both familiar and unexpected at the same time.

Dir. Steve Small comments:

“We worked with McCann to create a cosy coastal town that reminded us all of a nostalgic past, but one that also sits firmly in today’s world. Model animation (the animation many of us would have grown up with) was an inspiration and starting point not only in the look but also how gentle it always seemed to be. We wanted any on-screen crisis to be relatable but deal-able with light humour and a deftness to the character performance. ” 

Client: Admiral
Agency: McCann
Direction: Steve Small
Production Company: Studio AKA